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The Love Song

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock contains T.S. Eliots perception on modern man. The narrator of the poem, J. Alfred Prufrock, represents Eliots depiction of modern man. Eliot explains his reasons for writing about this topic by saying, "Poetry may help to break up the conventional modes of perception and valuation which are perpetually forming, and make people see the world afresh, or some new part of it. It may make us from time to time a little more aware of the deeper, unnamed feelings which form the substratum of our being, to which we rarely penetrate; for our lives are mostly a constant evasion of ourselves, and an evasion of the visible and sensible world. But to say all this is only to say what you know already, if you have felt poetry and thought about your feelings." Eliot personally feels that modern man has an exiguous view on the quality of life and the truly important entities. His character, J. Alfred Prufrock, represents all aspects of modern man that ! Eliot despises. For example, Prufrock is obsessed with appearance and age and he exhibits deficient communication skills. All three of these fixations lead Prufrock to individual isolation, perpetual loathing of mankind, and they negatively affect his love life. Alfred J. Prufrock lacks confidence in himself mentally and physically because he allows the terror of what others think greatly effect his life. When people see his balding head or his slim and aging body, Prufrock can not even image the consequences. The fact that the younger generation is constantly examining him, bothers Prufrock a great deal. Farther into the poem, he continues to ramble about how people will talk about him behind his back. They will say "How is hair is growing thin..."But how his arms and legs are thin!" Prufrocks insecurity indisputably hinders him. It holds him back from doing the things he wishes to do. This sort of char...

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Nature of The Arab Spring Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Nature of The Arab Spring - Research Paper Example It is evident that the political system in these countries promoted dictatorial regimes, which promoted corrupt practices because of little checks and balances from the greater citizens. History records that attempts t institute democracy in these countries failed to take shape in the past, but this did not deter determined Islamic organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood from plotting attempts to replace the dictatorial regimes. The wave swept from the Tunisian coast to Bahrain and currently in Syria. While it is evident that modern system of communication played a vital role in influencing the views of the people towards making an informed opinion against these regimes, many critics believe that the uprising was a time bomb that would explode at sometime in history. Egyptian Revolt Majority of Egyptians have demonstrated through interviews that the urge to change the political regime propelled the revolt. The Egyptians Arab spring began as an activists protest against the oppressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak. Critics to the Egyptian Arab spring have mentioned that the spring was not new in Egypt; however, it involved the ordinary citizens that had never streamed into the street a decade ago (Gelvin 26). Protest against Mubarak regime addressed political interest, with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic movement playing a crucial role in previous protest (Council on Foreign Relations 125). Muslim Brotherhood activists had taken a center role in influencing the Egyptians communities to reject the Mubarak regime in the past and failed. The Egyptian government had outlawed Muslim Brotherhood alongside other activist movement that intended to create political change. Not surprisingly, the precedent of the Egyptian Arab Spring borrowed a lot from the fallen T unisian Ben Ali regime, which was subject to mass protest. The Egyptian protest started on 25 January and took 18 days before the then president relinquish power (Council on Foreign Relations 125). The structure of the Egyptian Arab Spring embraced peaceful demonstration with thousands of Egyptians coming out in large numbers, boycotting their activities, praying and chanting change of regime in Tahrir Square. However, the Egyptian government tried to use military force to repress the Arab Spring, but failed. The solidarity of the Egyptian people and the peaceful nature of the protest contributed greatly to its success. It is important to acknowledge the role of media in influencing the people. Face book was critical to the success of the movement because most people responded positively to face book messages that attracted to the protest (Council on Foreign Relations 123). Previously, Egyptian media controlled the activities of the journalists as well as oppressing journalist that were against the government. Information dissemination in the society is a powerful tool that can shape a political course. It is apparent that police and other military officers battered protestor at the beginning of the protest, Mubarak officers dressed in plain cloths posed as protestors and whipped people out the Tahrir Square, but failed to secure success because of the determination of whole public. The uprising in the Arab world had youthful characters that represented western lifestyle as opposed to the Arab lifestyle. Historians argue that the youthful cohort

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Retail Marketing (Britain hypermarket net Tesco) Essay

Retail Marketing (Britain hypermarket net Tesco) - Essay Example In the beginning of 1990th Tesco took up the small category of retail market for lower-income customers. More expensive line for well-off customers was concerned with J. Sainsbury and Waitrose. Comfortable location, competitive prices, polite staff, great variety of goods and products, mainly, circumspect development strategy helped Tesco to become a really national shop. It has happened neither due to only British goods are sold nor due to the state authorities discrimination of American "Wal Mart" or French "Carrefour. National brand buildup took place thanks to Tesco owners and managers, who understood British customers wishes, whims and the mechanism of decision making. It became possible after using Management Information System (MIS). Tesco set close cooperation with University College London. The scientists offered new methods of gathering, checking, collating, review, storage, access, retrieval and update of statistics information of retail sells. Fed every second by Tesco's 12 million Clubcard holders, the Crucible database could in theory generate about 12 billion pieces of data a year if each cardholder bought just 20 items a week. This information is analyzed very attentively. MIS helps managers to understand what goods are sold better together, to place them accordingly on the counters in supermarkets. Experts, who carry out such analysis for Tesco, insist that the company has one of the biggest customer databases in the world. At first, hypermarket provides constant (season, holiday, single) discounts for that goods and stuffs, which customer buys oftener then others. At the end of a quarter each Clubcard holder gets voucher, equivalent to sum total, he spent in Tesco hypermarkets. Additionally they are rewarded with coupons, which allow discounts to that goods, the customers can enjoy (according to MIS results). Surely, this generated information is based on purchase data analysis. 2. MARKETING CONCEPTS ROLE Management Information System (relevant module) defines the consumer goods basket, which can be potentially interested to a customer. During the quarter Tesco sells about 6 million letters with propositions of different discounts to loyal clients. Also Tesco MIS provides detailed sells information, which allows placing the goods on the counters according to consumers' tastes in each particular region or even in dependence of daytime. In the morning customers buy one stuffs, in the evening - another. Tesco shops in the center of London differ greatly from the little out-of-the-way ones. Other MIS module takes into account ethnic and demographic factors, fashion and even the contents of TV programs. Can you imagine customer joy and pleasure, who feels such a great attention and care from a huge hypermarket This feeling is likely to that when your relative, living far from you, one day brings you wonderful gifts, which you wished for but tell nobody about. Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco manager confirms that Tesco is a mirror, which reflects customers' tastes and wishes. Actually, hypermarket role is not so passive exactly thanks to multifunction MIS. Experts firmly consider that Tesco influence not only the manufacturing but also the "consumer-manufacturer" relationships. Retail cards system presents a unique information gathering methodology. This is

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4g and 3g Network Essay Example for Free

4g and 3g Network Essay In this paper I will be discussing the different wireless networks, 3G and 4G. I will compare and contrast the 3G wireless networks to 4G networks. This essay shall also distinguish which wireless network has the fastest download speeds and service availability. I will identify the competition between the 3G and 4G networks, and which service customers prefer to use. I also will provide which phone services such as Verizon and ATT have the most network coverage throughout America. Concluding this article I would like for the reader to get a better understanding with the comparison of the 3G and 4G wireless networks. The 3G service is a high speed to information and voice services, made within the 3G wireless network. A 3G network is a high-speed wireless network, offering speeds of at least 144 kilobits per second. For comparison, a dial-up Internet connection on a computer offers about 56 kilobits per second. The 3G network is a tremendous difference offering a faster speed for internet access. In your daily use of this wireless network, you will notice the 3G network vary. Factors such as signal, location and, and network traffic all come into play (Liane, Cassavoy 2013). The 4G network is the newest mobile broadband service. Network companies such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and, Verizon have jumped on the bandwagon. See more: Unemployment problems and solutions essay   Unlike 3G, 4G has a connection capable of 100Mbps with high mobility†¦ up to 1Gbps with low mobility (Wi-Fi range) (Dachis 2010). Even though there access is different because one is an upgraded system, they both is still allow for consumers to access the internet and have clearer calling service. The architecture for both systems is used on a wide area. Nonetheless 4G has been integrated on a wireless LAN network and 3G is a wide area cell base, which notes that 3G is used for voice and information network (Moore 2010). The user’s perception of these networks will be that they will be able to access the web from these at higher speeds, especially with a 4G network. There are three different types of 4G that are used in the different wireless networks. On the graph from Adam Dachis article, he has listed these networks and their providers. Sprint uses WiMax; this speed is listed as an average downstream of 3-6 mbps, 10mbs peak and its 10x faster than 3G. Its coverage is nationwide covering major cities and markets. The monthly cost or user perception will be $60 for an unlimited 4G data and 5GB of a 3G data. The compatibility of the operating system is through all OS (via mobile) Hotspot. Verizon uses the LTE network, with a downstream of 5-12 mbps and an upstream of 2-5 mbps. Its coverage is listed in 38 markets and 60 major airports on December 5, 2010 with full nation-wide coverage by 2013. The monthly cost is set for $50 for 5GB, $80 for 10GB and $10 a GB for overages. The compatibility of the operating system is through Windows only (at the launch of MAC OS X support). has listed backward compatibility for LTE is with GSM and HSPA; and that WiMax is compatible with updates standard of Mobile WiMax and the previous standard of fixed Wimax. WiBro is an internet based system that is also used for service with cell phones. Its backward compatibility is based same database system as Wimax which is WiMax standard. HSPA+ is used by T-Mobile with a peak downstream of 21mbps peak upstream of 5.7mbps with up to 3x faster than 3G. The coverage provided is Nationwide of many major cities and markets. All of these providers have proven service, but it is just up to consumer on which service they prefer. The competition between the 4G carriers has become so fierce because consumers are looking for bargains and the best service; such as how faster is the speed of the data network, the monthly payment, the coverage of the network service, the devices that are offered by the providers and the value of service. Sprint had a head start with introduction of 4G. They have excellent coverage over the United States allowing for data nationwide. Sprint is the only one of the carriers to advertise average speeds and just peak rates (Moore 2010). Moore (2010) has found that Verizon has the best speed, T-Mobile and Sprint tied with the most affective cost margin, Sprint provided the device options to consumers and best value. Verizon has been able to cover more markets because LTE has been so popular. Verizon set the stage over ATT by expanding their markets to more consumers. Verizon is able to have more mbps than ATT as well. Verizon exceeded 5 Mbps during 82 percent of our download tests and 66 percent of our upload tests; ATT surpassed this number in only 68 percent of our download tests and 40 percent of our upload tests (Moore 2012). Head-to-head comparison of these two networks measures performance over the first quarter of 2012 and across multiple markets, throwing Verizon’s more mature LTE network together with ATT’s nascent one to see what performance each offers consumers. (Moore 2012) In conclusion 3G and 4G are both still reliable services. They allow users to successfully communicate over the internet and through their mobile devices. 4G will allow new/ old consumers to purchase more high tech devices for the convenience of modern technology and communication. This essay has shown that 4G is the newer model with more services and applications to be provided. It is now the most sort after network on the market, with its speed of 100Mbps of high mobility. The fight over the best network will continue in the future. Consumers are constantly researching for the newer, better, and fastest networks available. According to Moore 2010 Sprint has proven so far to be the best network, but surely Verizon and ATT are on the rise. They are following close behind to be the top network themselves. The competition is growing the quarters, so more than likely Sprint maybe surpassed by another device or network only time will tell. References Admin. 2009. â€Å"What Is the Difference Between WiMax and LTE? Re Cassavoy, Liane. 2013. What is 3G Service? Received from Dachis, Adam. 2010. Everything You Need To Know About 4G Mobile Broadband. Received from Kayne R. What is WiBro? WiseGeek. Moore, Bill. 2012. Solving the LTE Puzzle: Comparing LTE Performance. Received from,

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Statue of the Blessed Virgin :: Religion Prayers Irish Papers

Statue of the Blessed Virgin One of the best-kept secrets of Irish culture is the moving statues phenomenon that erupted in the mid-eighties all over the republic of Ireland. In August 1985, there were reports from the small town of Mountcollins that a statue of the Blessed Virgin had been seen to move. In the following months there were reports of the same phenomenon coming from small rural areas all over the country. Many people traveled to county Limerick to view the statue at Garryowen, following reports that some people had seen blood coming from one of the hands of Our Lady. The Rosary was recited several times each night as hundreds converged on the shrine. I myself went to once such gathering late at night at Mountcollins to see what was going on. The crowd chanted the Rosary over and over with their eyes glued to the statue of the Virgin Mary that was standing up in an alcove of a fake grotto similar to hundreds all over Ireland. It was dark and the statue had a spotlight on it. Behind the faithful, the re was a wood with the main road beyond. The Rosary recitals gradually gave way to "Mother of God, pray for us" that quickly became a rather feverish chanting of "Pray for us, pray for us, PRAY FOR US"! that got faster and more desperate as time pasted. Scenes like this sprang up nationwide with new sightings everyday. Everyone was talking about it at the pub, church or school and the media fanned the flames even more with daily coverage. Each person you spoke to who believed it was a true miracle, claimed a unique experience of the phenomena. Some said they saw the statue's hand move a bit or that a tear feel from her eye or most commonly the apparition of Christ's face upon the statue of Mary's face. The most skeptical about the whole rumpus was actually the clergy who found themselves dealing with a religious happening that was not within their control with impromptu prayer gatherings springing up everywhere. Their calls for caution in the media were generally disregarded by the members of the public caught up in the excitement. Some of this excitement began to turn a bit sour when rumors began to circulate that these miracles were actually dire omens of a coming apocalypse. It was reported in the papers that some woman claimed t o have had a vision that this was the beginning of a series of pre-apocalyptic portents that heralded the end of everything.

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The Plane – Creative Writing

Four pm Spanish time and we were in the Reus airport waiting to go home. We had really enjoyed ourselves in the sun, compared to wet and dreary Northern Ireland but we were really looking forward to getting home and seeing our family again. We had only been there about an hour when we were asked to go to the departure lounge. I thought this was great. We would be in the air promptly and I would see my friends before nightfall. We where flying with Monarch Airlines and we could see the plane over the horizon. As it was landing all that was in my mind were thoughts of home. The people were getting off the plane and they were rushing for the baggage reclaim. We could see our luggage being transported onto the plane and watched as it was being refuelled. As I took a look around I could see there were no engineers examining the plane. As we settled into our seats the Captain of the plane announced that we would be taking off within the next ten minutes. I was seated at the window, my sister next to me, my mum on the aisle and my dad in the next row. As the plane was powering up I became very nervous. The engines roared and it shot like a bullet along the runway and into the air. I looked out the window and watched. The airport became just a speck in the distance and I knew we were finally heading home. The cabin crew came along selling headphones for the televisions and I bought a pair and waited to see what was coming on. The TV sets came down but to my surprise they went back up, All the sets were doing this, up then down again and again. The cabin lights flickered and a cold mist came out of the ceiling, I thought this was very strange. We all knew by now something wasn't right. Then the Captain's speakers came on and he said in a frightful manner â€Å"could the cabin crew come to the cockpit for a briefing† I knew this was not normal. The speakers came on once more the captain saying, â€Å"I am sorry but we will have to return to Reus airport†. My heart started to pump faster. As he said that, the plane went over to the side. I looked out of the window and the ocean was like a magnet pulling the plane down. The Captain pulled back up again and the plane was going the opposite direction. I could see the airport that was just a spec and now was a safe-haven. The plane started its descent to the airport. As I peered out of the window the runway was getting closer. Then the right engine failed. I thought this was all right because we were almost on the ground. As I turned my head further round the window I saw fire engines and ambulances rushing down beside the plane. My hands gripped onto the arm of the chair like a vice on a piece of hard metal There were children crying but I couldn't, all I could do was watch the sky. The back wheels of the plane touched down and I held my breath for the final wheel touching the ground. As it did it was like Velcro sticking to the runway. The wheels screeched on the ground and the plane went off to the right and we came to an abrupt halt. Everyone on the plane was silent and all that could be heard were sirens. One man on the plane started demanding his baggage. Then the Captain announced that we had to go to the departure lounge. Anybody that was a smoker had started smoking on the plane. As we waited in the departure lounge all we were given was a free sandwich and a free drink. We were in the airport for two hours when a thunderstorm occurred. All I could think of was â€Å"it could only happen to me†. Then around an hour later the Captain came into the airport and announced that when we took off we had sprayed half our fuel supply over the runway. It was due to a burst fuel pipe and that was why we had such a bad landing. We were in the airport for a total of seven hours when we could hear a faint sound in the air. All the people came to the windows and looked out. In the distance we could see our new plane coming towards the airport through thunder and lightning. It looked like a superhero coming to our rescue as everybody cheered. As we got on the plane everyone was nervous. We went down the runway and into the air again. As this was happening you could almost hear everyone's heart beating. As we touched down in Belfast International Airport everyone cheered once more and the pilots wished us all a safe and happy onward journey.

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Jeffery Heffernan s Speech

Opening Statement: It is our strong belief however, that this man whilst in uniform, went to a political campaign office and picked up a campaign sign. However, to his own omission, Jeffery Heffernan claimed he was not expressing any political viewpoint or making a statement of speech. He claimed he had absolutely no political affiliation with this campaign and picked the sign up as an errand for his mother, as if he were picking up a quart of milk for her. Then, this man contradicts himself by going to the courts, saying his freedom of speech was violated. This man has no right to collect money from the city of Paterson for his freedom of speech that was never violated at all. Background: In 2006, Jeffrey Heffernan, a police†¦show more content†¦Therefore, his first amendment was not violated. 2. Heffernan is not taking a stand, but acting neutral because he says that he is not supporting either candidate. He had no retaliation claim, meaning that he was just doing nothing. 3. Perceived speech is not the same as actual speech. The officer caught Heffernan picking up the sign and anticipated it as actual political speech. It was perceived as actual speech, but Heffernan was never exercising his first amendment right of free speech. Because of this, the first amendment does not protect him. 4. You should not be politically involved while in uniform, even if you are currently not on duty. Claiming that he was not politically involved, Heffernan said that he was picking up the sign for his mother, and not for any political reasons. Although he was in uniform, he was not politically involved, meaning that he did nothing legally wrong. Argument in Full: To begin, while Officer Heffernan picked up a candidate sign, according to his own words, he wasn’t actually expressing his political beliefs. This means it wouldn t be credible at all to say that the first amendment protects his rights. People don t use their freedom of speech to run errands. Heffernan states himself that he did not actually participate in political speech, as he was just picking up the campaign sign for his mother. This demonstrates that he was